Maison Drouhin Vaudon

Chablis Mont de Milieu

Premier Cru

Grape Variety



Site: "Mont de Milieu" is located south-east of the Grand Cru area. This plot enjoys higher temperatures and longer sun spell than the other Premiers Crus.

The term "Mont de Milieu" refers to an old limit between Burgundy and Champagne regions.

History & tradition: in the sixties, when the Chablis vineyards were all but abandoned, Robert Drouhin recognized the potential of this region which had been ravaged by the phylloxera disease a century before. He was one of the first Burgundy owners who set about revitalizing the area.

Soil: the Kimmeridgian limestone contains millions of tiny marine fossils embedded in a kind of whitish mortar which may have been once the bottom of the sea...hundreds of million years ago. This marine origin gives the wines of Chablis their unique flavour.


Plantation density: 6 250 stocks/ha.

Pruning: double Guyot "Vallée de la Marne" (for its resistance to frost).

Yield: we aim for a lower yield in order to extract all possible nuances from the terroir.


Supply: mainly grapes from the Domaine completed by grapes and musts purchased from supply partners.

Very slow pressing so as to respect fruit.


Type: stainless steel tank

Length: 7-8 months

Throughout the ageing process, decisions are taken only after careful tasting evaluation. The data obtained is completed through technical analysis. As with every other Joseph Drouhin wine, absolute priority is given to the true expression of terroir and character of the vintage.

Tasting note by Véronique Boss-Drouhin

"Powerful, rich, rounded and mineral wine. Brilliant yellow colour. Elegant and complex nose. The aromas are reminiscent of citrus as well as white flowers. The wine is harmonious on the palate and develops a nice structure".


The wines deliver superb aromas. They are rich, suppple and offer a long aftertaste. The 2015 vintage is a faithful expression of the briny qualities associated with this appellation.


Temperature: 13°C (53°F).

Cellaring: 3 to 8 years.

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